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ND Tekstil Konfeksiyon Ürünleri San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. has been established in 2014 by Murat Cicekdag who has 12 years of experience in multinational companies in sector.

All logistic, operation, store and showroom facilities are run by Ms. Esra Altuglu

Our company serve as a dealer of YKK Zipper and Turteks (Leather Label)

You may find in stock particularly the sliding hidden zipper with stopper especially improved by YKK Zipper for evening dresses and ladies’ wear initializing the quality problems; you may also find other products (including all metal zippers as plated) with season colours and may be provided only within 1 day from our firm without any quantity problems.

ND Tekstil, Turteks (Patch and Leather Label) are providing services as Aegean Region Dealer. Also it aims to put new dealers into service in a short time to meet the high quality interlining and heat-treated adhesive products requirements in the region.

ND Tekstil is pleased to host you in the showroom which you can view all the global-new season collections with the mission of “Presenting the finest-quality marks of the world concerning the accessories with the quickest service, 7x24 job tracking principle and with optimal cost for our customers, to create worthiness and difference”.


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Address : Akdeniz Mah. 1332 Sk. No:27 Kat: 2/201 Yazkar İş Merkezi Konak - İzmir
Phone Number : +90(232) 484 92 00
FAX : +90(232) 484 93 00
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ND Tekstil, is in Mimarkemalettin with YKK Zipper Dealer…

YKK Zipper, is the first choice of most precious evening dress, bridal dresses, denim, leather wear, shoes, bag marks all around the world and in the region with 80 year experience, 218 factories in 60 countries and production of zipper which can turn around the world 53 times each year. Is the incontestable leader of the sector. High quality, prestige and image on end consumer are the most important supports for the growth, gaining strength for your mark.


Leather Labels

Leather labels are mainly used at denim market for branding purposes, they are also called as “back patches” in the industry. The quality of a leather patch depends on various aspects such as color fastnesses, washing durabilities, chemically environmental friendliness. All of our leathers are produced in accordance with REACH regulations and respects human-ecological requirements.

Micro-Injection Gadgets

Micro-Injection gadgets are the fancy way to promote your business. They are colourful, more dimensional than alternative products and very efficient with their long lasting usages specially to all weather conditions. There are various different types like coasters, keychains, usb covers, luggage bands, bar mats, key caps, etc.



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